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Average Cost Of Solar Panels In Arizona

System Size Cash purchase
After 30% solar tax credit
Financed purchase
After 30% solar tax credit
3kw $8,337 $9,004
4kw $10,780 $11,642
5kw $13,055 $14,099
6kw $15,204 $16,420
7kw $17,150 $18,522
8kw $18,928 $20,442
9kw $20,601 $22,249
10kw $22,050 $23,814

Do You Qualify For Solar?

Solar Programs Available

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit FederalPersonal Tax Credit

Residential Solar and Wind Energy Systems State Tax CreditStatePersonal Tax Credit

 The size of an average solar system in the US is 6 kilowatts, which means the average price of a solar system in Phoenix, AZ in 2019 is $18,100– which is only $3.62/watt.

Arizona Solar Panels

Solar in Arizona produces a lot more than other states.  APS tracks how much power is consumed by the grid per customer, and how much solar excess is sent to the grid.  The excess solar that is sent to the grid becomes a credit to you.  Arizona is offering $1,000.00 tax credit for solar, and there is significant Federal tax credits as well.  With all the tax credits and rebates, you will be surprised how much of your solar system is paid for with tax credits and rebates.

If you are still on the fence about installing solar, we invite you to use our FREE SOLAR CALCULATOR TO FIND OUT:

  1. How many solar panels you will need for your unique property…
  2. Are you a good candidate for solar…
  3. What rebates and credits are you eligible for…
  4. The options for solar panel installation in Phoenix, buy or lease…
  5. How long till you start seeing a return on your solar investment…

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